Kidding Around

Looking for toys, games, or puzzles? Find a one-of-a-kind gift for a child or a classic item for yourself that makes you reminisce about your childhood. Wonder over the wide selection offered by Kidding Around.

Kidding Around was voted “Best Toy Store in NY” by New York Magazine.  For decades, shoppers have browsed up and down the aisles trying to figure out which items they cannot do without.  Decisions are tough to make here because the selection includes so many items that appeal to so many age groups.

You will probably recognize a few classics: 3-D View-Master, Pin-the-Tail on the Donkey, Simon Says, and Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots.  The unique choices are the ones you will marvel over.  Some unusual items not found in big-box stores are Braille Alphabet A-Z Tiles, the Glow-in-the-Dark version of Crazy Forts for children to build and play inside, and Contraptions (working models for kids to build, like a catapult).

The arts and crafts selection at Kidding Around has plenty of ideas to keep your kids busy. Pastel sets, collage art, pottery sets and modeling clay are all available.  Sewing kits range in project types and experience.  They even sell a kit for crafting rosettes and brooches.  For the science-minded individuals, you can buy terrariums there and even math dice.

When shopping at Kidding Around, you are bound to find something. The hardest part of your visit will be deciding which items to leave behind, but that’s okay, because you can make other purchases later online by visiting  The staff at Kidding Around will be more than happy to make recommendations.

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