Keens Steakhouse

In 1885 Albert Keen opened Keens Chophouse which served the area once known as Herald Square Theatre District. Over 100 years later, Keens Steakhouse is all that remains of the old theatre district. While people left the area to see shows elsewhere, crowds continue to eat at Keens for English and Victorian cuisine.

At Keens Steakhouse, the claim to fame on the menu is their mutton chop.  This is also the place to get some of the best steak New York City has to offer.  At Keens, all steaks are dry-aged right at the restaurant’s location.  Some cuts can be ordered for multiple guests, such as the largest Prime Porterhouse which can be ordered so that the size will feed three people!  Salads and fish choices are available too and so are shellfish dishes such as Authentic Dover Sole and Sautéed Jumbo Shrimp with Spinach.  If you like lobster, select your Maine Lobster directly from the tank at Keens Steakhouse.  The dessert menu features several ice cream desserts and other choices like Our Family Carrot Cake.

Keens Steakhouse is an up-scale dining experience that immerses you in the history of the building and the Keen name.  Decorated with portraits and beautiful wooden features, the walls at Keens will give you and your company plenty to talk about.  Located inside Keens Steakhouse is a Pipe Room which houses the world’s largest collection of churchwarden pipes.  Pipe smoking was a common activity among the patrons at Keens Chophouse (as it was known when Albert Keen opened the establishment), all of whom were men until 1905 when it was court-ordered to serve women.

Make a reservation to dine at Keens Steakhouse which is open from 11:45 am to 10:30 pm on Monday through Friday.  Hours on Saturday are from 5 pm to 10:30 pm and on Sunday from 5 pm to 9:30 pm.  They are opened every day except for December 25.  Be sure to check out the website for the link to see the day’s specials.  A pub is also located in Keens Steakhouse.  The menu here is less extensive than the main dining room’s menu, but no reservations are taken for dining inside the pub.

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