Katapult Handmade and Unique Products

Katapult's colorful and diverse assortment makes this place one of the shortlisted candidates for premium authentic shopping experience in Belgrade.

One among a few authentic shops in the center of Belgrade is located at the beginning of Knez Mihailova (Duke Michael) Street. Offering a wide range of diverse objects and items, which encompass cosmetic products, garments, jewelry, accessories, even old weapons, it is accounted as one of the most engaging shopping experiences in the Serbian capital.

The assortment satisfies practically any taste. Friendly staff is ready to meet your inquires with enthusiasm, whether the subject of your interest is a scarf, box for glasses, coat, or merely a cigarette lighter.

Objects of the same kind are available in various versions, including ethnic, modern, jesting and other interesting motifs. Some of the most popular items for purchasing are stylish earrings and rings, glycerin soaps in diverse fragrances, aprons and other uniforms with witty quips, decorative objects for the household, Belgrade and Serbia inspired souvenirs, and so on.

If experiencing troublesome dreams, you should look for dream catchers. Inspired by the American Indian mythology, these simple items are believed to ensure nice and peaceful sleep.

Photos from Katapult Handmade and Unique Products