Founded by Emperor Charles IV in 1348, Karolinum is a cultural monument and a symbol of the famous Charles University. It consists of the Aula Magna where ceremonies and social gatherings take place and the Karolinum Cloisters that serve for exhibitions of contemporary art.


Jan Hus organized and planned revolutionary activities against the Catholic Church at the Karolinum in 1383. After Counter-Reformation won the war, it was given to the Catholic Jesuits. Karolinum was remodeled by František Kaňka in the 18th century, and some changes were also made between 1945 and 1959 by architect Jaroslav Fragner who reconstructed the campus and created a large courtyard.

Karolinum Today

Today, Karolinum hosts academic ceremonies and houses medical faculty offices. On the ground floor, there is a gallery, and the University uses Karolinum’s gothic bow-window as their symbol. It is an interesting fact that the appearance of Karolinum today is primarily Baroque.

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