Completed in 1365 and established by Roman emperor Charles IV, Karlštejn Castle has an extensive collection of relics, state documents, royal treasures, and crown jewels. It is considered to be the most visited castle in the Czech Republic.

Legends of Karlštejn Castle

Karlštejn Castle has many legends and according to one of them, The Prince of Brunswick on one of his visits to the castle was offered a poisonous drink by a butler. He offered the drink to the blind lute player who was in the same room, but the dog that was in the company of the blind musician jumped and drank the poison.

What to Visit

There are several tours of the Karlštejn Castle that include a visit to the Chapter Deanery, Treasury and Jewels Hall, Royal Bedroom, Hall of Knights and chapel of St. Nicholas Chapter Deanery, and Castle Prison. There is also a shop in the courtyard where guests can purchase light snacks and drinks.

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