One of Amsterdam's busiest shopping streets, lined with major brands from around the world.

An Essential Shopping Destination

Every major city has at least one giant shopping street–London’s Oxford Street, New York’s Fifth Avenue, Chicago’s Magnificent Mile. Amsterdam’s equivalent is Kalverstraat. Located in the city’s center, Kalverstraat caters to thousands of shoppers every day.

Famous Brands

Kalverstraat is home to many big, brand-name stores. H&M, Zara, Swatch, and more can be found on this perpetually busy street. Free of cars, Kalverstraat is a great spot for window shopping. Visitors will find themselves elbow-to-elbow with their fellow shoppers, browsing the fantastic deals. The Kalverstraat website has a full list of stores.

There are plenty of places to eat on Kalverstraat–not the fanciest food, necessarily, but good for a quick bite. During the holiday season, the city adorns the street with lovely sparkling lights. Because it’s right in downtown Amsterdam, Kalverstraat provides an entertaining place to wander between other attractions, like the royal palace.