Kabukicho, the Sleepless Town

Kabukichō is an entertainment and red-light district in Shinjuku and is often called "the sleepless town".

Covering ​approximately 100 square blocks near JR Shinjuku station’s east exit Kabukicho features countless restaurants, bars, hostess clubs, karaoke, love hotels, arcades, shops, movie theatres and red light establishments.

​Take care when you visit because it is considered to be one of Tokyo’s most dangerous districts, due to ​many of the business being run by the Yakuza. Personally I have never felt unsafe there, when I compare it with many other big cities Kabukicho to me is just a fantastic entertaining experience.

As you can see the light show is extraordinary and ​it’s a perfect place for “people watching”. In September 2015 my friend and I were having a beer outside a small bar watching the passing parade, when 5 Japanese ladies who were visiting Tokyo from other parts of the country asked if they could have a photo taken with us. Feeling like “rock stars” naturally we said yes, just another example of one of the many nice things that occur in this wonderful country.

​Kabukicho is part of Shinjuku which boasts of the world’s busiest railway station. Close to the station is a fascinating little alley called “Memory Lane”, however I prefer the other name it is often called, “Piss Alley”.
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I sometimes stay at the Toyoko Inn at Kabukicho, an excellent budget hotel.


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Photos from Kabukicho, the Sleepless Town