Jols Saint-Antoine

This popular seafood restaurant serves fish prepared in different styles from around the world.

World Seafood, Local Catch

Lyon is home to not one, but two different rivers–the Rhône and the Saône. This makes the city a perfect spot to try fresh fish. Located in the Presqu’île District, Jols Saint-Antoine may be the perfect seafood spot within the perfect seafood city. The restaurant is utterly dedicated to pescetarian life, from its menu to its decor.

Aquarium Dining

Jols Saint-Antoine’s menu offers a culinary trip across the seven seas. Visitors can try Salmon Tartare with spices, guacamole, and tomato bread. Or perhaps they’d prefer Sesame Tuna with sweet & sour sauce, served with vegetables and rice cooked in a Japanese wok. The restaurant also provides regularly changing seasonal menus.

When the weather is sunny, guests can dine on a sunny terrace. But indoors, the restaurant appears to glow blue like the inside of an aquarium, an atmosphere complimented by sea-colored chairs and other fish-related art. The restaurant’s wine list is large, and it specializes in white wines–perfect for pairing with fish.

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