John’s Roast Pork

A quintessential spot for authentic Philly Cheesesteak.

Award-Winning Philly Cheesesteak

At first glance, John’s Roast Pork appears to be an unassuming, old-fashioned sandwich shack. Outside there’s a sign featuring a smiling pig, checkered napkin tucked around his neck, ready to feast. But visitors shouldn’t let the quaint setting fool them: John’s Roast Pork took top honors in the Philadelphia Inquirer’s 2002 Cheesesteak Project.

A Time-Tested Method

John’s Roast Pork has been open since 1930, so they’ve had a long time to develop the perfect method for cooking Philly Cheesesteaks. What’s their secret? They tuck the cheese and onions into the meat while it’s still on the grill. And they serve it on fresh-baked crusty rolls from the local Carangi Bakery.

The menu has several other sandwiches–even breakfast sandwiches–so those who aren’t interested in their most popular dish can also find something to eat. Unlike other cheesesteak places, they don’t do late night hours. John’s Roast Pork is only open until 7:00 pm, so visitors should be sure to get there during the day.

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