John Knox House

Discover the secret past of this historical residence.


John Knox was a writer and Scottish clergyman who was a leader of the Protestant Reformation of Scotland. After joining the movement he was caught up in events which saw him arrested and taken prisoner by the French forces to being exiled to England. When he finally returned to Scotland he led the Protestant Reformation which led to Mary of Guise being ousted and following this, the outbreak of civil war and the abdication of Mary Queen of Scots!

His house situated on the Edinburgh Royal Mile tells the whole story of what happened next.

The John Knox house dates back to 1470, this house and Moubray house which is attached, are the only surviving medieval residences remaining on the Royal Mile.

The house today allows you to follow in the footsteps of that turbulent time, seek out the traps which were laid to fool invading intruders, hunt for the devil in the oak room and also try to solve some of the portrait puzzles.

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