Jardim Botanico

Rio's botanic gardens are the ideal place for any nature lover to go exploring when they need a quieter day in the party city.

Wander spectacular botanic gardens

The Rio de Janeiro botanical gardens are something very different from the tame little laid-out rose beds you might find at home. Instead, they’re a showcase of Brazil’s exotic flora (and fauna, if you’re lucky!) and definitely worth the trip to go and see. The gardens back up on the Tijuca forest, so if you’re not quite up to hiking, this is a good way to experience the rainforest without having to go in.

Pack your hiking boots

The Jardim Botanico are impressively large, and can offer a challenging hike if you’re up to the task–don’t forget the bug spray, though! Mosquitos come in extra-large in these parts.

If you’d rather take things easy, there’s a lawn to relax on with a picnic–or a French restaurant, if you’d prefer to dine in style. It comes highly recommended, and can be accessed without paying the (small) park entrance fee, too, so you can enjoy the surrounds without having to traipse through them.