San Francisco, USA

Jane – a refuge for the gluten-free and vegan

'Jane' is a wonderful, healthy, reasonably-priced eatery offering delicious breakfast and lunch. They have so many tasty vegan and gluten-free dishes that the many supporting this lifestyle will never feel they are depriving themselves here. Try homemade granolas or sourdough baked goods for breakfast and colossal green salads with outstanding fresh-made dressings for lunch.

Tie in a trip to Jane for breakfast or lunch on a day when also boutique shopping and perusing the other great shops in the area. The breakfasts are hearty and will fuel the uphill walking you’ll do in the neighborhood! For instance, try some homemade gluten-free granola, or the raw sprouted black rice porridge. Alternatively, the chia pudding parfait or smoked salmon platter are good choices. The coffee is a fresh, high-end roast and freshly squeezed or blended fruit juices and smoothies are also on the menu.

For lunch, consider a huge green salad, There are so many choices; many with blends of kale and radicchio, or arugula, with colorful vegetables massed atop. But don’t think that this might be boring, it’s the dressings here that make the salads even more special. The home-made ranch for instance, or the shallot vinaigrette. Slathered on with some boiled eggs and lardons, they make the greens experience taste almost decadent. You can also have panini, soups made on site, or any combination. The rich sauces and home-cooked quality are what make everything at Jane delectable in spite of its healthfulness!

For dessert, or perhaps for children with smaller tummies, try some of the bakery items just out of the oven. Our little guy loved his upscale PB&J and so did we! The “get your greens smoothies” retain all the fiber of the fruits and vegetables used in them, and ours were delicious. When you’re finished, enjoy the phenomenal views at nearby Alta Plaza Park (…/alta-plaza-).

Silhouettes, unexpected and humorous

Jane is full of the unexpected from the food to the parts of the restaurant are decorated.