Jan Hus Monument

Located in the centre of the Old Town Square, Jan Hus Monument is a statue of a famous reformer from the 14th century, Jan Hus. The monument was made by Ladislav Šaloun and represents a symbol of Czech independence.

Jan Hus

Born in 1369, Jan Hus was a protestant reformer who worked at the Charles University in Prague and criticized the Catholic Church and corruption in the Vatican. After Jan Hus gained popularity among people, the Catholic Church excommunicated him and he was sent to prison as a heretic. In 1415, Jan was burned at the stake after refusing to give up his ideals.


After Jan’s execution, many people who believed in his ideas were outraged and started to revolt by destroying many churches and monasteries. These followers were called Hussites and they even managed to defeat several crusades that were sent by the Catholic Church. In the end, the movement was defeated because of conflicts between followers themselves.

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