Cape Town

Iziko Planetarium

A fascinating treat awaits all science buffs and those who plan to visit the feature-packed Iziko Planetarium.

A Glimpse of Galaxies

The Iziko Planetarium was inaugurated in 1958 and has since been featuring star shows which are frequented by locals and enjoyed by global visitors.

Housed under a large dome with a diameter span of 15.2 meters, the planetarium seats 140 spectators on comfy seats. The planetarium uses a state-of-the-art Minolta star projector to create an audio-visual treat that lasts for approximately 45 minutes.

Rare Imagery

Iziko Planetarium’s entrancing presentation allows visitors to enjoy rare and distant visuals from the far reaches of the universe sourced from premier space agencies around the world. The images are woven into a dramatic musical sequence and projected onto the spectacular domed theatre of the Planetarium making for a memorable viewing experience.