London, England

Itadaki Zen

Food should be healing, says Itadaki Zen. So, it prepares nourishing fare that’s beneficial for the body, spirit, and taste buds.

Beautiful Food in a Tranquil Setting

For thousands of years, Eastern cultures have enjoyed food that focused on healing ingredients and harmonic presentation. Why? Because the act of dining should be soothing and it should bring a person peace. At Itadaki Zen, guests enjoy a meal in a beautiful and tranquil environment, and they nourish their bodies and spirits with cuisine that brings balance in every way.

Plant-Based Dishes to Promote Health and Happiness

Itadaki Zen offers amazing and flavorful cuisine, and it gives diners meals that are perfect for creating health and happiness in the body. From hearty and nutritious grains to nutrient-rich seaweeds and vegetables, Itadaki Zen harnesses the power of nature and creates food unlike anything found in London. We recommend some of Itadaki Zen’s dishes made with rice, soya beans, root vegetables, and other plants. The tasty fare promotes a strong metabolism and it’s absolutely memorable. Dine on the best during a meal at Itadaki Zen, and enjoy sustainable and organic food that includes main entrees, side dishes, desserts, and even cocktails.

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