Chez Dumonet-Josephine

Chez Dumonet’s food is best described as classic bistro cuisine cloaked in warm, authentic French flavors and served up with a dash of luxurious ingredients. Yes, that list includes the gloriously expensive black truffle too!

Warm, friendly bistro

The French touch is evident in the people who lend the bistro its unique warmth. The chef and owner Jean-Christian Dumonet likes to mingle with the diners, often making recommendations and getting hands-on feedback from his faithful clientele. The bistro has garnered loyal patrons among the Parisians as is evident when you see them sharing friendly banter with the staff. Of course, the sepia-toned décor certainly contributes to the ambiance.

Authentic French flavors

This haven of classic French flavors is known for its traditional menu – homemade terrine, matchless beef bourguignon, steak tartar made tableside, mille-feuille de pigeon (tender pigeon served with crisp potato cakes), outstanding duck confit (served with potatoes sautéed in duck fat), to name a few. The meal gets a befitting finale with their signature dessert, a generous Grand Marnier soufflé that towers in creamy perfection.

The average meal will set your wallet back a bit, but a date with Chez Dumonet is ideally followed by a couple of lean days or if you prefer, just salads.

Stay at home!

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