Oxford, England

Scriptum Fine Stationery

If ever there was a stationery heaven, Scriptum would have to be it. As you step inside the warmly lit store, you cannot but be astonished at the lovely things on display. The store is a treasure trove of hand-picked curios and exceptional objects.

Elegant stationery

Scriptum was founded in 2003 by Azeem Zakria who sources the unusual and the rare from Britain and Italy. This exclusive store offers you a huge range of luxurious writing paper as well as handmade paper and cards. Scriptum also boasts of the largest collection of extravagantly decorated Venetian masks in town.

Gifts and souvenirs

Scriptum is a great place to find uncommon gifts and souvenirs for your loved ones back home. Yes, they are a tad expensive but they’re also things you might not find in any other store. You can take your pick from ornate desk calendars, globes, hourglasses, crystal inkwells, bronze bookends, quills, marble busts and a whole range of leather-bound journals and books.

If you’re a fan of stylish stationery, this is a place you’ll fall in love with.