Independence Hall

Visit the historic birthplace of the United States of America.

A Declaration and a Constitution

Originally known as the Pennsylvania State House, historic Independence Hall is widely regarded as the birthplace of the United States. During the summer of 1776, representatives of the various colonies gathered there and issued their Declaration of Independence from England. A few years later, the congress held there resulted in the United States Constitution.

The History of Independence on Display

The National Park Service has preserved the hall to give visitors as authentic an experience as possible. Those who take the tour will see the Assembly Room arranged just as it was in the 1700’s. They’ll also see the actual inkstand where the founding fathers signed their famous Declaration.

Admission is by tour only, led by official Park Rangers. The monument is open every day of the year except Christmas, and it’s always free to visit. Lovers of history won’t want to miss this site that is so essential to American culture.

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