Impronta Cafe

Casual fare with plenty of vegetarian options get dished out all day at the Impronta Cafe.

Casually cosmopolitan

Serving a wide range of dishes from early morning cappuccino and brioche to late night snacks, this informal cafe is more akin to something you’d find in London or Berlin than Venice. Adding to its uniqueness for the area, this is one of the few restaurants in the lagoon where you won’t get any odd looks for ordering a single entree at dinner rather than a full menu with antipasti and dessert – perfect for tighter budgets or lighter appetites.

Locally favored

Located near the Universita Ca’ Foscari, you’ll find more professors and local businessmen crowded around these tables at lunch than fellow travelers. It is a rare haven of local dining in a city overrun with tourists.

Vegetarian fare

With so many Venetian menus dominated by seafood, it can be hard for vegetarians to find quality fare. Impronta, however, has a full salad bar and a good selection of sandwiches and piadine.

Stay at home!

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