Imperial Gardens

The Imperial Gardens, set in the heart of Tokyo, are famed for their meandering moat, arched bridges, cherry blossoms, verdant lawns and blooms in every colour that nature has to offer.

A garden within a metropolis

The vast Imperial Gardens offer a stunning contrast to visitors within the bustling metropolis of Tokyo. On the one hand are towering glass and steel structures and right next door is the sprawling Imperial Gardens that surround the Imperial Palace.

When the Emperor greets his people, especially on his birthday 23rd December and for the New Year on 2nd January, the park attracts more visitors than usual.

Three Gardens

The Imperial Gardens are a composite of three gardens: the Kokyo Gaein (Outer Gardens), Kokyo Higashi Gyoen (East Gardens) and the Kitanomaru Park famed for their over 300 cherry (somei-yoshino) trees.

All the gardens are open to the public throughout the year and are a regular haunt for nature lovers and birdwatchers.

Handy Tips:

  • The Imperial Gardens are an integral part of a working palace. Therefore, the Park might be closed on special occasions.
  • If a national holiday falls on a Monday or Friday, then the park is open to the public. However, the next day the Park is closed to visitors.