Image Anime

If you enjoy anime or know a young person who does, stop by Image Anime!

Image Anime, which opened in 1992, sells the hottest novelty items and toys from Japan. They have a slew of other anime collectibles.  Some of the characters and toy franchises you will notice include Dragonball Z, Minecraft, Godzilla, and Transformers.  You will find action figures here as well as apparel, bags, DVDs, Blue Rays, and model kits.  To stay current in new trends, Image Anime sends associates to major conventions around the nation throughout the year.  (Check out their website to see which events they intend to attend.)

Inside the store Image Anime welcomes shoppers to browse through their well-stocked displays. You will find the environment inviting and bright.  Take home a few characters from Image Anime’s huge collection of Robot Spirits or Nendoroids.  You will also find several amiib characters there too.  Fans of Dr. Who will probably come across some items from the famous show.

Image Anime is most appealing to children and young adults. The store carries items for a wide range of budgets.  Special orders can also be placed through the store if a particular item you are searching for is not in stock.  Online is a catalog that shows many items available through Image Anime.  Sale prices are often displayed here as well.

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