Iguanas Home of the Burritozilla

Let a monster of a meal destroy your appetite! Iguanas Home of the Burritozilla is everything Mexican cuisine should be.

A Specialty with a Challenge

Weighing in at about five pounds, the 18-inch behemoth Burritozilla is a top choice for those with a big appetite. If you think that you can devour one of these all by yourself, request the Burritozilla Challenge when you place your order. Diners who can eat an entire Burritozilla will win a T-shirt, have the purchased burrito comped by Iguanas, and earn bragging rights for a lifetime. Sound like an impossible feat? One man proved it possible by scarfing one down in just over three minutes on the popular Travel Channel show Man v. Food. Order your Burritozilla (or choose from smaller sizes of burritos) with chicken, steak, beef, or pork. Match your meat with one of three kinds of beans or skip the meat and go for an all-veggie burrito. Fish and shrimp are also available.

Classic Mexican Favorites

Besides burritos, the menu features tacos, nachos, quesadillas, and fiesta salads. All items are reasonably priced, and many inexpensive snack items are also available. Iguanas Home of the Burritozilla uses fresh ingredients in all of its dishes. They do not use frozen meats; they want only the healthiest raw ingredients for their customers. For this reason, they also use soybean oil for all fried items. When ordering burritos, diners can request wheat tortillas as well.

Friendly, Fun, and Casual Atmosphere

The vibrant outside colors and patio dining of Iguanas Home of the Burritozilla catches the eye. You are sure to find fast service at this family-owned business. Visit the location in downtown San Jose or check online for other locations in the area.

Top Tip: Iguanas Home of the Burritozilla hosts special events throughout the year. Check the News page on their website to find out about these events and other outrageous deals!

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