Iglesia San Agustin

Iglesia San Agustin with its towering columns and stunning interiors is renowned as the most beautiful in the city of Santiago.

Established in 1608

Known locally also as Our Lady of Grace, Iglesia San Agustin was established in 1608 by the Order of Saint Augustine and stands among the oldest churches in the country. Large scale damage by a fire and earthquakes saw the church undergo several transformations through the centuries which explains the distinctive Neoclassical facade (added in 1863) but also clear overtones of Spanish Colonial influence.

Stunning Architecture

The church follows the European tradition of a massive central nave flanked by smaller naves. The central nave features a splendid curved ceiling embellished with fine art and supported by impressive ornate arches.

The main attraction at the church is the famed Cristo de Mayo, a statue of Christ on the cross. This statue, carved in wood, is revered by the faithful for having survived through devastating earthquakes over the centuries.

The church is one of Santiago’s richest architectural treasures and is now a National Monument of Chile.