Ibn Battuta Mall, Dubai

Shop in the world’s largest themed shopping mall, inspired by the stories of an iconic, 14th Century Arabian explorer!

Ibn Battuta Mall, named after Ibn Battuta, the great Arabian explorer, is a truly picturesque shopping destination in Dubai.

The Design of the Mall

Split into 6 distinctive courts, the architectural design of each section is based on the regions which Ibn Battuta travelled, and includes China, India, Persia, Andalusia, Tunisia and Egypt. Every court in the mall is gorgeous, culturally rich and historically informative, allowing visitors to take a step through history as they venture through the mall. Exquisite tiling, high ceilings and an enormous golden elephant are just some of the ways the mall has been beautifully decorated.

Shops, Food and Entertainment

The 275 shops on-site range from fashion to sports and lifestyle retailers. There are over 50 food outlets as well as a 21 screen multiplex cinema (Grand Megaplex), which includes Dubai’s only Imax screen, showing movies on a glorious 70ft wide, 44ft tall screen.

The summer months also bring with them the delightful market stalls, filled with local art, photography and clothing.