Ho Chi Minh City

Hum Vegetarian Restaurant

No need to eat meat while in Vietnam. Hum is easily the most famous Vegetarian restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City.

Meat-Free Vietnamese

Vietnam is a paradise for foodies, but vegetarians sometimes have a difficult time navigating the street vendors and small restaurants, who typically serve meat-based dishes. However, major destinations like Ho Chi Minh City offer many vegetarian options–and Hum is one of the best.

A Peaceful Vegetarian Experience

Hum Vegetarian strives to make its two Ho Chi Minh City locations calming and peaceful. Tasteful local art decorates the brick walls, which are supported by raw wood beams. Colorful curtains draw back to let in the natural light, and there are plenty of potted plants, as well as bamboo. It balances classic Vietnamese decor with modern Western comfort.

The menu, of course, is the true appeal of Hum. The floral salad is just what it sounds like–local flowers mixed together, packed with nutrients. Then there are heartier dishes, such as the grilled eggplant in honey and turmeric sauce. And the fruit-filled desserts are not to be missed.