The House of Terror Museum

The highly esteemed House of Terror Museum provides a frank examination of the dark periods of Hungary history under the terror regime of the Nazis and the Soviets.

Stark Reminder of History

The House of Terror educates on the terror regimes of Hungary under nazism and communism. Hungary suffered greatly during these periods–and had significant role in them–that is examined and retold. Thousands of people died under these regimes–including in the House of Terror building–and the museum also functions as a memorial to them. The building itself was once home to the Arrow Cross Party–a fascist Hungary party–as well as the AVH–a similar organization to the Soviet KGB.


English and Hungarian text is available throughout the museum and audio tours are available. The exhibition is intended to present a visual understanding of what victims of the regimes experienced, as well as a wealth of material about these dark periods of Hungarian history.

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