San Francisco, USA

House of Prime Rib

Amid San Francisco's myriad fine restaurants, it's possible for even the best to be overlooked at times-- indeed sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees. The House of Prime Rib is a classic San Francisco restaurant that serves up the best prime rib you'll eat anywhere. Belly up to the bar for a nice red to accompany your English Cut, or perhaps an ale or the restaurant's famous martini. You'll feel like your dining in one of London's premier wood and leather-adorned steak houses.

Although I am a long-time Chicagoan, San Francisco is my favorite city to visit in the U.S. So I packed away the Windy City bias that prohibits me from eating prime rib anywhere but Lawry’s and tried the best that the city by the Bay offers. The House of Prime Rib did not disappoint. With table-side carvings of a gargantuan King Henry Cut that satisfies those with broad shoulders, to the more petite City Cut that satisfied this broad with smaller shoulders, the Prime Rib in the classic establishment is perfectly marbled and prepared. Tender and just-rare-enough, my group indulged in it with a great red wine– but not before trying the House of Prime Rib’s signature cocktail: their well-known martini. This also lived up to its reputation, prepared with top-shelf liquor by experts seasoned at the task.

Thankful we had reservations (really the only way to go), we dined in a cozy and curved red leather booth on a bustling weekend night. Even my Millenial niece cum San Francisco resident admitted that this old school standard was on par with the city’s finest avant garde eateries. In a city whose population is filled with vegetarians and the gluten-sensitive, the sheer quality of the House of Prime Rib has no trouble serving beef and bread pudding to young foodies as well as their more… experienced counterparts. Though creamed spinach is probably not the most common vegetarian entree, it sure is good with a steak!

After a scrumptious dessert you’ll want to do your waistline a favor with a walk through the wonderful neighborhood in which the House of Prime Rib finds itself. The hills will get your heart pumping, as will the magnificent views from atop them. For some equally stunning views that allow descents rather ascents, head to the Marina District: