House-Boat Hotel

Stay on the water in one of Amsterdam's many charming houseboats.

Accommodations on the Water

The houseboats that bob gently on the edges of Amsterdam’s canals are one of the city’s most charming features. With House-Boat Hotel, visitors to Amsterdam can find a woonboot of their very own. This site is essentially the Airbnb of houseboats.

Houseboats Big and Small

Though it connects tourists with private owners, House-Boat Hotel screens all its boats for quality, safety, and strong heating systems. Guests can view pictures and read reviews of the boats, just like on other hotel websites. There are cozy boats for couples and small groups, but some boats can accommodate up to fifteen people!

One advantage to this unique approach to Amsterdam lodgings is that guests can find a houseboat anywhere in the city. Visitors can float to sleep in the heart of historic downtown, along the canals in the bustling Nine Streets shopping district, or in a quieter neighborhood. House-Boat Hotel offers tourists the chance to live like a sea-legged local.