Hotel V

Hotel V's three locations offer three very different experiences of Amsterdam.

Three Amsterdam Experiences

With three locations throughout Amsterdam, Hotel V caters to many different tastes. Those searching for trendy lodgings can head to the Hotel V on Frederiksplein. Those looking for a more elegant experience can head to the Hotel V on Nesplein, just a short distance from Dam Square. And those looking to discover Amsterdam’s cutting edge can head to Hotel V’s newest spot on Fizeaustraat, situated in up-and-coming Amsterdam-Oost.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Regardless of location, Hotel V’s rooms range in size from small, double-bed spaces to full suites complete with kitchenettes–all at reasonable prices. At Frederiksplein, the hotel has a hip, quirky vibe. Nesplein features a more classical style with a modern twist–rich woods offset by citrus tones. And the new Hotel V on Fizeaustraat boasts cool, green rooms in a rehabbed 1970’s structure.

Each Hotel V is close to public transit, and a free breakfast is included with online booking. There are restaurants in the lobbies of both the Nesplein and the Fizeaustraat locations. Most importantly, Hotel V staffs all its hotels with locals who are happy to direct visitors to spots they’d never find in a guidebook.