Hotel De L’Europe

A five-star luxury hotel that celebrates Amsterdam's artistic history.

Five-Star Brilliance

Hotel De L’Europe caters to those who want to immerse themselves in Amsterdam’s rich artistic history. All the hotel’s five-star suites provide guests with a luxurious experience. And each room features replicas of classic paintings that hang in the Rijksmuseum.

Culinary Gems and Pampering Opportunities

The hotel’s picturesque building rises tall above the Amstel River, just a short walk from Dam Square and the royal palace. Its waterfront location plays a large part in its other attractions. Guests can try local specialties at Hèt Terras, which boasts beautiful canal views. Or for fine dining, guests will find modern French cuisine at Bord’Eau.

The water theme carries over into Hotel De L’Europe’s Skins Institute Spa. Visitors can indulge in the saunas, at the salon, or on the relaxing patio overlooking the Amstel. With its many amenities, Hotel De L’Europe provides a sumptuous stay in downtown Amsterdam.