London, England

Hotel 41

Hotel 41, the address should say it all: No. 41, Buckingham Palace Road. As if that wasn’t enough, this exquisitely luxurious hotel more than just does justice to the home-away-from-home concept.

Living up to its address

Situated on the 5th floor of the Rubens Hotel, Hotel 41 carries off a bold ebony-and-ivory theme with aplomb. From the majestic mahogany exteriors to the throw pillows, the theme has been cleverly woven into every aspect of the hotel’s interiors.  The 30 glamorous rooms are packed with comforts and products that are aimed at pampering guests.

Complimentary treats and more!

Few hotels can match Hotel 41’s legendary largesse when it comes to food. They have a unique ‘plunder the pantry’ corner where snacks and sweet treats are constantly replenished from 08:30 am to 01:00 pm.  From breads to cheese to meats to desserts, the food just keeps coming up, all day long! Other goodies include mini-bathrobes for children and a complimentary pot of ice-cream that you can take up to your room.

The service is impeccable as they boast a guest to staff ratio of 1:2 which makes for a wonderful and truly memorable stay.

Stay at home!

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