Horcon is a picturesque fishing village located in a small bay just a short drive from Concón. This town is home to many local fishermen and is also known as being a hot spot for young people during the summer season.

About the Village

In the summer, this small fishing village attracts many tourists who are usually waiting in line to purchase hand-made jewelry at the craft fair or trying to negotiate the price of seafood specialties with the fishermen. There is also a cultural program for children, as well as several restaurants and bars along the coast.


Some of the beaches that are located within walking distance include El Clarón, Los Tebos, La Caleta, Playa Larga, and Las Agatas. A nudist beach, Playa Luna is located an hour’s walk from the town and is very popular among young people from Chile who come here over the weekends to relax and have some fun.

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