London, England


Featuring dishes inspired by Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka, Hoppers is a stylish restaurant in Soho that was named after pancakes made from coconut milk batter and fermented rice. With great service and delicious meals, it is no surprise that this Sri Lankan joint has become one of the most popular restaurants in Soho.

Interior and Service

The interior of this Sri Lankan restaurant is simply amazing with wood paneling, exposed brick, movie posters on the walls, and tiled tables. The employees are very attentive and happy to assist guests who are new to Sri Lankan dishes. It is impossible to make a reservation at Hoppers, but you can leave them your number and they will call you when your table is ready.

What to Eat

The menu at Hoppers focuses mainly on Sri Lankan street food. Dishes like roasted bone in coconut sauce, varuval with roti, and deep-fried mutton rolls with garlic and ginger are the main reason why this place is usually packed with guests. Of course, kari dishes are also quite popular at Hoppers. Try the fish kari served in coconut sauce and you won’t be disappointed. They also have an extensive drinks list with local Sri Lankan stouts, cocktails, and non-alcoholic beverages.

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