Hong Kong

Hong Kong Heritage Museum

Learn about Hong Kong's early history in this museum featuring traditional Chinese design.

A Storied History and Culture

The Hong Kong Heritage Museum caters to travelers interested in the region’s early history and culture. The museum has twelve separate galleries that display everything from ancient artifacts to beautiful sculptures. What’s more, the museum’s buildings follow the area’s authentic architectural traditions–and they all surround a central courtyard.

Art, Music, Cinema, and Beyond

Visitors can view galleries full of Chinese art, including paintings by the famous Zhao Shao’ang. One section features the history of Cantonese opera. There’s even an exhibit on martial arts and film star Bruce Lee! And of course, there are always changing special exhibits.

The museum offers guided tours–though it should be noted that these tours are only in the Cantonese language. Visitors with kids may enjoy the fun and interactive Children’s Discovery Gallery. Additionally, the museum regularly hosts a variety of cultural events. Check the website for details.