Hong Kong

Hong Kong Arts Centre

This thriving centre serves as the main hub of Hong Kong's fine arts scene, from visual art to theater.

A Fine Arts Hub

Founded in 1977 to celebrate contemporary art and culture, the Hong Kong Arts Centre is one of the best curators of fine arts in the region. Not far from the convention center and Golden Bauhinia Square, this nonprofit organization supports local and international artists across different mediums. The Hong Kong Arts Centre offers dozens of forms of entertainment, from photography to film.

Different Artistic Mediums

The centre features various theaters and galleries, along with a digital cinema. Additionally, there are classrooms and studios where local artists can come to work. Art and photography exhibits change on a regular basis, and there are often musical shows and theater productions as well. Check their calendar for details.

When the weather permits, the centre occasionally offers outdoor movie screenings. Hungry visitors can dine at an Italian trattoria on site. And of course, the centre’s own spectacular geometric architecture is a draw for many travelers looking to celebrate Hong Kong’s modern arts scene.