Honey Island Swamp

A lush bayou that’s worth exploring, Honey Island Swamp is best toured with a local guide.

View Indigenous Plants and Animals at Honey Island Swamp

Located 35 minutes northeast of New Orleans, Honey Island Swamp is a bayou that impresses. There are bayous all around New Orleans, and one may appear just like the other to some tourists. But, when the eyes spot a spectacular bayou like Honey Island Swamp, they know the difference. This bayou is lush and filled with unique indigenous plants, and its abundant marine life is ripe for viewing. As with all bayous, however, admiring should be done from a distance because there are alligators in the waters.

Take a Flat-Bottom Boat Tour or Airboat Ride

Tourists who want to see alligators in their natural habitats should get a professional guide to come along on a trip to the bayou, or at least have a local in their group who knows the waters and the alligators’ habits. Otherwise, there’s a chance of a visitor experiencing dismemberment or death. Honey Island Swamp is a gorgeous natural wonder, but it’s a natural place with naturally occurring dangers. There are flat-bottom boat tours of Honey Island Swamp that escort travelers into alligator territory.

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