Toronto, Canada

Hockey Hall of Fame

In Canada, hockey is not just a game—it’s a way of life. What better place to find the Hockey Hall of Fame, in the heart of hockey fandom.

With 15 exhibits over 60,000 square feet of display space, the Hockey Hall of Fame offers an in-depth look at the sport, its history, and the players that have achieved superlative skill and talent.

Memorabilia And More

Throughout the museum, trophies, player exhibits, and equipment inform visitors about the many people and players who have contributed to the sport and the National Hockey League. The Great Hall holds the Stanley Cup—hockey’s most coveted annual prize—along with all the other trophies the NHL has to offer.

NHL teams, past and present, are represented in exhibits, as well as legends of the game and record-holders. Patrons can also enjoy interactive exhibits such as computer-simulated games that challenge visitor skills in scoring against league players or defending the goal against some of the greatest.

Hall of Fame

Each year, a new roster of Hall of Fame candidates is selected to honor those men and women who have contributed to the game in a significant manner. Honorees are awarded in three categories—players, referee/lineman, and builders (non-playing contributors), and the number of awards presented is at the discretion of the committee. All are honored with exhibits at the museum to tell the full story of hockey in the NHL.