Ho Chi Minh Museum

This imposing museum honors Ho Chi Minh himself, the father of modern Vietnam.

The Man Who Inspired a Nation

Even before he became the leader of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh lived a fascinating life. Born into a poor family, he visited France, China, and even the United States before he stoked the flames of the Communist revolution that would eventually reunite Vietnam’s north and south. Located in central Hanoi, the Ho Chi Minh Museum celebrates the larger-than-life existence of a man the Vietnamese still refer to as “Uncle Ho.”

A Sculptural History

Despite the museum’s massive size, visitors won’t find many artifacts here–aside from documents, mostly written in Vietnamese and in French. Instead, the museum illustrates Ho Chi Minh’s life by creating thematic sculptures that match each period in his life. There’s a replica of his childhood home, as well as a space meant to evoke the cave where he lived in hiding.

The museum’s most famous attraction may be the huge statue of Ho Chi Minh that dominates its upper floor. The Presidential Palace, where he lived and worked, as well as Ho Chi Minh’s mausoleum, are both nearby. Visitors might want to make a day of it.