London, England

Hix, Soho

Hix is a thoroughly English restaurant that oozes British-ness in their style, culinary offerings and impeccable service. It’s one of those places that sees sizable numbers of diners all through the week.

Created by Mark Hix

The Hix chain of restaurants is the brainchild of Mark Hix, celebrated chef, columnist at the Independent and the author of several cookbooks. The restaurant at Soho is one of the culinary nuggets in London’s entertainment hub. Opened in 2009, Hix Soho is a great place to enjoy a pre-theatre dinner or a post-theatre drink at Mark’s Bar, tucked away in the basement and hugely popular among theatre-goers.

Hix at Soho

The restaurant is not only popular for its food, (though priced a tad on the higher range) but also for its service which has been unanimously declared by several diners as ‘charming.’ Their main courses be it Roast Sirloin of Glenarm Estate Beef or Roast Chicken from the Swainson Farm Barn or River Towy sea trout, are spectacular for celebrating the ‘ingredient is king’ school of cooking. The desserts are memorable too: Here’s a sample: Peruvian Gold chocolate mousse with honeycomb or if you’re a fan of cheesecake, try the Lemon and white chocolate that’s perfected with an alluring creaminess.

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