Historical Museum of Serbia, Belgrade

Witness the extraordinary history of Serbia and meet meritorious Serbs who influenced worldwide changes in the Historical Museum of Serbia.

Maybe Serbia is a small country now (it used to be several times larger during the Middle Ages), but measured by the achievements of its distinguished individuals throughout recent history (Nikola Tesla, Milutin Milankovic…) it’s significantly larger. Until September 2016, Historical Museum of Serbia represents to you Mihajlo (Michael) Pupin – another meritorious personality, who extended the range of telephone communication at the beginning of the 20th century.

Throughout the present exhibition, you can familiarize yourselves with the path that took young Mihajlo toward great scientific achievements and how his wire coils, in the process known as “pupinization”, changed the world for better. The exhibition encompasses interactive displays, printed materials and works of art, taking you through public and personal life of a future founder of NACA (present NASA). Pupin also used to be a university professor, and various prominent scientists used to be his pupils back then.

Admission fee for exhibition of the Historical Museum of Serbia is around 1.50 EUR, and the museum operates from 12:00 to 19:00 daily, except on Monday. Two hours should be enough to tour the exhibition thoroughly.

Photos from Historical Museum of Serbia, Belgrade

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