Hippie Fair

Rio's Hippie Fair is a haven of local handicrafts by artisans based in Rio, with a great street food offering as well.

Shop local arts and crafts

The Hippie Fair–one of Rio’s most famous markets–is packed full of vendors selling local handicrafts, from art and decorative pieces to jewellery, clothing, and homewares, as well as unique souvenirs. If you really want to take a piece of Rio home with you, this is the place to come. The atmosphere is vibrant and the stallholders friendly, making it one of the best places to head to on a Sunday in Rio.

Explore street food options

Like every Sunday market in every corner of the world, the Hippie Fair brings with it a variety of food vendors selling local favourites. Snacks and desserts can be had for only a handful of real, so you can sample all of the different offerings to your heart’s content. The acarajé–a croquette made of black-eyed peas, served with a variety of sauces–comes highly recommended, and there’s enough in one serving to share while you wander the stalls, or take a break from shopping to people watch!