Hiking trails in San Jose

San Jose is the ideal city for hikers. The bustling city boasts of 24 trail systems that total up to 57 miles of trails along serene riverbeds, landscaped gardens, art installations as well as several tourist destinations.

The trails in San Jose comprise one of the largest urban trail networks in the United States and are used extensively not just by nature enthusiasts and visitors but also by commuters. Besides the city’s trails, the surrounding hills and nature reserves also have diverse trail systems that visitors can enjoy especially during spring and autumn.

  1. Grant Ranch Park Trails

Total trail network: 53 miles

The Grant Ranch Park is Santa Clara’s largest county park at 9560 acres and epitomizes the ‘rolling’ hills that surround Silicon Valley. The park is open all the year round from 8am to sunset and boasts scenic trails across the park. The wide, open spaces here turn into a magical place in spring when wildflowers bloom along the hillsides making for a memorable hiking experience.

  1. The Guadalupe River Trail

Length: About 3 miles

The Guadalupe River Trail is unique because of its position – it is located within the bustling confines of the city and runs along the Guadalupe River. The paved trail hugs the Guadalupe River Park and its beautiful gardens. The park’s 250 acres of lush greenery is a refreshing spot and makes the trail a pleasure even on hot days. The trail is easily accessible from most major cross streets.

  1. Los Gatos Creek Trail

Length: 2 miles (only within the city of San Jose)

This largely tree-lined trail takes its name from the Los Gatos Creek that flows from the Santa Cruz Mountains and meets the Guadalupe River in the city of San Jose. While the trail in the city is only 2 miles long, if you’re up for it you could attempt the entire 9.2-mile stretch from the Lexington Reservoir to San Jose. The scenery is definitely worth it.

The extensive trails in San Jose allow you to see the city at your own pace. You can choose to jog, walk, stroll, saunter or simply immerse yourself in the natural beauty that surrounds you.

Handy Tips

  • Many trails are set in wide open spaces and not all are tree-lined. Sun block is highly recommended.
  • Please remember that most of the paved trails are open for cyclists as well. You might also encounter parents pushing strollers or visitors on wheelchairs.