Heroes Square

Heroes Square is a major public square within the city of Budapest. It honors the history of Hungarian figures and creates a dramatic entry point to the City Park.

A Memorial to the Past

Heroes Square was constructed to celebrate and honor 1,000 years of Hungary as a nation. The figures in the colonnade depict the seven chieftains that founded the country as well as kings and major political figures over the centuries noted for their major achievements. Other statues are allegorical figures representing War, Peace, Labor and Wealth, Knowledge and Glory.

In the center of the square is a cenotaph–empty tomb–honoring Hungary’s Unknown Soldiers. The dramatic column behind the cenotaph is topped with the statue of the Angel Gabriel holding the Crown of Saint Stephen and the apostolic cross.

A Gathering in the Present

Heroes Square is a part of the political life of modern Hungary and has been the scene of many political events and public gatherings. It sits between the Museum of Fine Arts  and the Palace of Art


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