Hong Kong

Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine

Dine on Dim Sum emblazoned with the face of Sanrio's cutest cartoon cat, Hello Kitty.

Hello Kitty, Hello Food

Though Hello Kitty originated in Japan, the popular cartoon character is wildly popular in Hong Kong. So perhaps it’s no surprise that there’s an entire restaurant dedicated to her at the northern end of the busy Tsim Sha Tsui neighborhood. Her adorable whiskers and her distinctive red bow are stamped on everything in the restaurant–even the food!

Delightful Dim Sum

Hello Kitty’s sweet face beckons to diners on the sign outside the restaurant. But her sweet face is also everywhere else, from the bathroom decor to the chopsticks. The dim sum itself looks like her–the chefs have even figured out a way to mold the white rice into her likeness.

No need to be concerned about copyright infringement–Sanrio, Hello Kitty’s creator, has officially sanctioned the restaurant. Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine is a unique place for fans of the character to visit. And even those who aren’t fans might enjoy a cute little kitty floating in their bowl of noodles.