Heemskerk Suites

Intimate lodgings close to the many attractions of Amsterdam's Museumplein.

Intimate Lodgings in Amsterdam

A big hotel isn’t always the best hotel, and Heemskerk Suites proves just that. Heemskerk Suites offers intimate accommodations close to Amsterdam’s famous Museumplein. Guests sleep only steps away from cultural gems like the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, and the MOCO Museum.

Suites Inspired by Nature’s Wonders

There are only four suites in this boutique hotel, which can each accommodate two guests. All the suites have separate themes: one inspired by the clear blue sky, one inspired by a fire’s warmth, one inspired by a lush green landscape, and one inspired by a tropical beach. Though the selection is limited, the rooms are large and equipped with modern amenities.

Heemskerk Suites often receives glowing reviews from its guests. In fact, it even won multiple 2016 Travellers’ Choice Awards on TripAdvisor. Heemskerk Suites offers guests a comfortable, private, and quiet space from which to enjoy the city.

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