Cape Town


Heartworks is an aptly named arts and crafts shop that creates and sells handmade products that reflect the soul of Africa in every warp, weft and mould.

Splash of Colour

Heartworks welcomes you with its brightly coloured prints and its uniquely African patterns. You will find a range of enchanting items at the warm little store – embroidered fabric, ceramic ware, glassware and wire works.

There is also a range of creations made from boldly coloured beads as well as quaint masterpieces carved from the sturdy trees of Africa.

From Village Homes to Urban Artists

Heartworks sources its goods from rural artisans as well as from chic urban artists.  So you can expect to pick up traditional crafts as well as quirky stuff – plush toys and hats in bright African garb, bric-a-brac and curios with conventional African motifs and more.

Heartworks is a great place to visit for souvenirs and to find unusual gifts for loved ones back home.