Havana Salsa

Havana Salsa is a classic restaurant that pays tribute to the Latin American culture with its resplendent all-you-can-eat buffet dinner and an astonishing show of Cabaret Cubano.

Cultural Mission

Havana Salsa’s mission is to deliver top-end cultural shows that feature well-known artists. They offer a buffet dinner that showcase a wide range of international and Cuban cuisines with carefully chosen ingredients to ensure the quality of every dish. Their vision is to be the top in representing Cuban art and foods.

The restaurant has garnered iconic status with international tourists as well as locals.

Food, Lively Music and Dance

The atmosphere at Havana Salsa is very cosy, with a lively music in the background that makes you want to groove along. The well-stocked bar comes highly recommended.

Havana Salsa is a perfect place to gain more insight of the joy and charm of Cuba!

Also, they offer dance classes such as salsa and bachata! For more information, check out their website.