Havana Salsa

Havana Salsa brings the artistic spirit of Cuba to Santiago.

Dance the Night Away

Havana Salsa began in 1996, and ever since it has brought Cuban delights to the center of Santiago. The club invites diners to sit around the dance floor of a beautiful ballroom, where they can observe a traditional Cuban floor show. At the end of the evening, the entertainers invite the audience out to join the dancing.

Cuban Pizazz

The performers at Havana Salsa are seasoned professionals, who dance everything from the salsa to the merengue. If their dance steps don’t impress the audience, their spectacular glittering costumes probably will. The lively floor show provides excellent entertainment over dinner.

The kitchen serves authentic Cuban food, such as seasoned pork medallions. Visitors may be stuffed after the hearty meal, but if they feel up to it, they can even take dance lessons from Havana Salsa. See their website for details.

Stay at home!

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