The official Havaianas store in Copacabana is not to be missed for fans of the beach. The iconic Brazilian sandal can be found here in its natural habitat, and in more varieties than you've ever seen before.

Shop the Iconic Brand in its Home City

Perhaps the more obvious international emblems of Brazil is the humble Havaianas sandal, ubiquitous on beaches the world over. What better place to shop for the genuine article than in Rio, at one of the largest Havaianas official stores in the world? The range here is unsurpassed, and also includes bags and keychains–so if you’re buying gifts for the folks back home, you’ve got plenty of options.

Heaven for Beach-goers

There’s considered to be no better beachwear than the classic Havaianas sandal, and no better place to take your pick of styles or designs than in the official store in Rio. While they’re available all over the place in the city–from shopping malls to supermarkets and beach-side stalls–the best range is in the official store, where you’ll be truly spoiled for choice. Remember your holiday with a pair adorned with the Brazilian flag, or get your hands on that hard-to-find design you’ve always wanted!