Hart Silversmiths

Hart Silversmiths is renowned for its finely crafted silver with a legacy that has survived a century.

A Heritage of Silver Craftsmanship

In 1888, when the Guild of Handicraft was formed, George Hart, the founder of Hart Silversmiths, was one of the artisans who followed C. R. Ashbee’s dream. Since then, the family has continued in its tradition of crafting fine silver ware for various purposes – from ornamental crosses for churches to crystal decanters mounted in silver for fancy dining.

Often celebrated as a ‘living tradition’, Hart Silversmiths is now in the hands of the fourth generation and they continue to bring beauty and art alive through their silver work.

As a means of encouraging the art form, they also conduct workshops to allow interested individuals and visitors to have an insight on the techniques and methods that go into the art of silversmiths.

Uniqueness in Every Object

What sets Hart Silversmith apart is their artisanship and therefore, they can craft bespoke items and customize them to suit their customer’s requirements. The range of silver items includes condiment sets, cutlery, bowls, silver tea services, and salvers. They also have an eclectic collection of gift items that can be purchased at their store.